Certified Professional  InspectorsOur lead inspector is a Certified Master Inspector and has over 20 years of commercial and residential construction experience, including over 15 years of commercial building with Fortune 500 companies.  He has taken the college level inspection course required by the State of Oklahoma and passed the National Licensing Test.  He is a Certified Professional Inspector.  He attends a minimum of 25 hours of continuing education each year and has continuing education credits in Commercial Building Inspections, Commercial Chimney Inspections, Commercial Fire-door Inspections, and Commercial HVAC Inspections, and Commercial Electrical Systems; just to name a few.

Preferred Real  Estate Inspections, LLC is licensed by the State of Oklahoma (#649) to perform building inspections in accordance with the Standards of Workmanship and Practice set forth by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.  They are also certified by ComInspect, Inc and the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants and listed on the FHA/HUD Approved Inspectors list

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